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This mobile game is popular overseas, and Hollywood superstars have played it

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Speaking of the two games "Glory of the King" and "Yuan Shen", everyone must be familiar with them. They can be said to be national-level mobile games in China.There are many players, and the popularity has remained high.Many players have speculated whether these two games are also popular abroad?

This mobile game is popular ov

(Classic stills of Elf Prince)

Surprisingly, neither of these is the first best-selling product in the United StatesTop mobile games.It turned out to be this low-key "King of Avalon" that captured many foreigners. Even Hollywood superstar Orlando Bloom (played by "Prince of Elf") is also a loyal fan of this game.Become the global spokesperson for "King of Avalon".

People can't help but wonder, what is the origin of this game?

Mobile game, it is popular all over the world with its excellent production and rich gameplay.The game covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It once took the top spot in the best-selling list in 67 countries. At present, the number of users who have downloaded and experienced it worldwide has exceeded 100 million."Wang" can be described as "Mu Guiying" who can't be pulled down after a while, and has been ranked among the top fifteen all year round.

This mobile game is popular ov

("King of Avalon" reached the top of the US bestseller list)

This mobile game is popular ov

("King of Avalon" is firmly in the top 15 in the overseas revenue list)

The biggest update in history is online, the elf princeDesign exclusive heroes by yourself!

With its excellent quality and good reputation, "King of Avalon" has attracted countless fans around the world, and "Elf Prince" Orlando Bloom is no exception.As an old player of "King of Avalon", this time he strongly joined the new version "Winter Dawn" for the anniversary of "King of Avalon".What's even more exciting is that the "Winter Dawn" version is also the largest version update in the history of "King of Avalon".

This mobile game is popular ov

(Orlando Bloom joined "King of Avalon")

In an interview, Orlando Bloom not only showed his strong interest in magic games, but also admitted that this endorsement is to be able to design his own exclusive heroes in the magic world.

This mobile game is popular ov

(Orlando claims to design a new hero by himself)

White ghosts attack, the elf prince brings giantDragon strong participation!

This new version has reshaped the world view, and added new gameplay, new monsters, and new heroes.Players still need to quickly improve their strength by raising dragons, but in addition to fighting against the original hostile forces, the monster "White Ghost" from Winter has also been added, which greatly increases the challenge and fun.

This mobile game is popular ov

("King of Avalon" ancient dragon egg)

In the new version of "King of Avalon", Orlando Bloom finally realized his wish, the version of the strongest new hero Orlando, the Night Salt Knight designed by himself, is about to debut.In order to fight against the powerful alien army, Orlando will work with the players to find the ancient dragon, defeat powerful enemies, and experience a new story together. Don’t miss it~

This mobile game is popular ov

(Orlando Bloom led the dragon to fight)

As mentioned before, the dragon is synonymous with the strongest combat power in the game, and the new version of the ghost boss is very powerful, but as long as we sacrifice the cultivated dragon, the flames spit out by the dragon will make the enemy nowhere to hide and clear the battlefield in an instant.Turning the tide of battle is simply easy!

This mobile game is popular ov

(Dragon Tower Anti Spitfire)

New version and new adventure, the powerful elf prince has already appeared in "AhThe world of Lords of Wallon is ready to go.The new version of the anniversary is full of benefits, download "King of Avalon" as soon as possible, and take your dragon partner to go out together!

Title:This mobile game is popular overseas, and Hollywood superstars have played it
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