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Overseas | 5 high-quality mobile games recommended: Have you played the RPG version of mine sweeping

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Have a nice weekend everyone.To tell you the truth, it's cold now, and I feel like another world as soon as I get out of bed.Let the editor recommend a few fun mobile games to everyone, and everyone can play comfortably under the covers.

"Dungeon Crawl: Broken Continent"

Overseas | 5 high-quality mobi

At last year's E3 conference,"Dungelot: Shattered Lands" (Dungelot: Shattered Lands), developed by the Russian creative team Red Winter, has released the latest promotional video. The game is the latest sequel to the "Dungeon Crawl" series.The store is online, and players can finally experience the fun of exploring in the dungeon again."Dungeon Crawl: Broken Continent" still maintains the tradition of this series, combining minesweeper gameplay with RPG elements. At the same time, many classic characters in the previous game will also appear in this game, and the game also adds 18 characters to the content.A dungeon, 4 new characters and a character development system all make the game more interesting.It is worth mentioning that many mini-games and BOSS battles have been added to this game. The single gameplay in the past will become a thing of the past, and it will be replaced by more diversified game fun.At present, the game has been officially launched in the Apple Store, and the price is 25 yuan. Interested players may wish to experience it.


Overseas | 5 high-quality mobi

A Fox, a new independent game studio from the UKWot I Drew recently announced that their first game Baum "Tree" has officially landed on the Apple Store this Thursday (January 21).The Baum in the game's title is German for "tree," so this is a tree-themed game.The picture of this work is quite beautiful, the player has to help a small water drop to start an adventure among the branches of the big tree.By drawing lines on the screen, small water droplets can be moved with the drawn wind.During the movement, the player should let the water droplets avoid various obstacles, and moisten the flower buds along the way to make them bloom.It is understood that this game will be adapted to iPhone and iPad, players who are interested in aesthetic style games and have iOS devices can already try it.

"Greedy Tongue"

Overseas | 5 high-quality mobi

The well-known game developer Noodlecake Games has finally announcedThe latest casual game "Pull My Tongue" developed by it is expected to be launched on the iOS platform on February 4.In terms of gameplay, the game is somewhat similar to cutting the rope. This time, the little frog and the rope became a greedy chameleon and its tongue. In order to eat its favorite popcorn, it also worked very hard. It was accidentally caughtAn electric shock is miserable enough.The length of the tongue is limited, how to choose a suitable line requires players to think about it.The game has prepared 5 different scenes and 90 levels for players. It should be very easy for players who are familiar with cutting the rope to get started, but how to plan the walking route of the tongue is still a matter of opinion.

"Simple Bain"

Overseas | 5 high-quality mobi

According to the announcement of the Japanese DMM company, it will be scheduledIn early 2016, a catapult action RPG mobile game "Innocent Bane" (Innocent Bane) was launched on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.This game is an RPG mobile game with ejection as the gameplay. Players can release various gorgeous skills and nirvana just by pulling with their fingers.The rich attack moves in this work are the core content of the game, and the online battle supporting up to 4 players is the main interactive mode of the game.In addition, all the characters that appear in the game have their own story plots. Through the targeted depiction of each character's plot, players can have a deeper understanding of the plot development and experience the magnificent background of the game world view.Players who like it must not miss it.

"Dark Future: Bloody Nation"

Overseas | 5 high-quality mobi

Recently, aThe racing mobile game produced by Auroch Digital has released the latest news. This racing game called "Dark Future: Blood Red States" (Dark Future: Blood Red States) has an explosive experience like "Death Speed".The background of the game is set in the post-apocalyptic era. The former hegemony has been hollowed out by climate change, industrial pollution and corruption. The beautiful city has been separated into high-tech communities and slums.There have been forces such as speeding gangs and gangs, and what they like to do most is to carry out death-speed racing competitions.The gameplay setting of "Dark Future: Bloody Nation" is somewhat similar to the scenes in the movie. Players can personally assemble racing cars in the game, and equip their favorite racing cars with accelerators or attack machine guns. Now that they haveWith a powerful attack method, it will naturally allow players to fight to their heart's content on the field.

Title:Overseas | 5 high-quality mobile games recommended: Have you played the RPG version of mine sweeping
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