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Doctor Mario: The World mobile game evaluation

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"Doctor Mario" is a classic puzzle game launched by Nintendo on the red and white machine FC in 1990, and now it has been brought back to you and me in the form of mobile games by the old Nintendo, and this is also officially launched by NintendoThe second mobile game in the Mario series.I think the red and white machine version was just a simple 2D dot matrix drawing back then, but now it is presented in the form of 3D modeling, which makes people lament how time flies.

1. The same puzzle elimination series

Doctor Mario: The World mobile

The game follows the consistent theme of the series, because germs have invaded the world of shiitake mushrooms, so Dr. Mario has to use his brains to use capsules to destroy the germs.In the single-player mode level of "Dr. Mario: World", players have to operate three colors and a limited number of capsules. By adjusting the direction and position, the same color capsules can be stacked into three horizontally and vertically to eliminate viruses.

And as the level advances, in addition to various obstacles, the virus in the level will also have different states, such as being frozen, dusty, locked, etc. Players need to control the triggering conditions of the capsule,Only by unlocking the mechanism can the virus be successfully eliminated, and the overall degree of brain burn is not low at all.

At the same time, what is different from the old version is that in order to adapt to the control habits of the mobile platform, this work has changed the original "dropping" to "floating". The capsule will appear from the bottom of the screen, and the player can clickUse the pill to change the direction of the pill, and you can also drag the pill to the position you want.

2. Complex level design

Although the gameplay concept of this game is as simple and easy to understand as conventional match-3 games, you can actually find that the gameplay and difficulty are completely different.First of all, the goal of the game is not to eliminate viruses to accumulate points, but to achieve specific goals set by the level, so the mechanism is different.

For example, the virus itself will float and get stuck in a specific position after encountering a virus or an obstacle, making it more difficult to eliminate.In addition, when the capsules are stacked in groups of three of the same color to trigger elimination, the other half of the capsule will turn into a bubble and can be moved again by dragging, which makes the chain mechanism of elimination quite special.Conversely, if the capsules cannot be eliminated due to misplacement, the capsules will be stacked in place, and you have to find a way to eliminate them with other capsules of the same color, which will increase the difficulty of passing the level.

Secondly, after finishing the first 20 teaching levels of the game and entering the official game session, various combination mechanism puzzles begin to appear, and the clearance conditions also begin to change, so the factors to be considered are far more than ordinary match-3There are even more games.So the player has to have better spatial planning instead of focusing on elimination.In the later stages, it takes a lot of thinking, trial and error to find the best solution.

Doctor Mario: The World mobile

In addition to elimination, there are some unique in-level props in the game, which can be used to help eliminateVirus.For example, a bomb can blow up the virus in the nine-square grid around the bomb, and a turtle shell can eliminate the entire virus horizontally, which is quite powerful.Players can trigger them by stacking three capsules of the same color.

Finally, the number of levels in the game is already extremely rich.There are already 5 "worlds" with different themes in the first launch, and each "world" contains 2 areas, and each area has 20 small levels.That is to say, the total number of levels in the first release reaches as many as 200 levels, which is quite playable.However, like other match-3 games, "Dr. Mario: World" also uses a physical system to limit players.Players can have up to five hearts at the same time, and each level consumes one heart, but if you pass the level smoothly, you will be given one heart.When the love is exhausted, in addition to waiting for the time to return, you can also ask friends to interact and give gifts. The details are the same as other match-3 matches.

3. In addition to single-player levels, there is also online PVP

The gameplay of "Dr. Mario: World" is not just a single-player match-three.The game will start the PVP battle mode after finishing the teaching mode, and it can be seen from the design that this will be the main axis of the long-term operation of this mobile game.

The gameplay of the battle mode is also very simple. Players eliminate viruses and accumulate attack gauges, thereby increasing the number of viruses that the opponent must eliminate.But on this basis, there are also bonuses of "doctor" and "support".At this stage, the game provides 10 "doctors" and 30 "support".The former is the main manipulative character, such as Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach.The offensive and defensive ability values are different, with different battle effects.The "support" role is similar to a passive skill, which can provide additional effect multipliers in the battle. Players can bring two "support" to the field.

In the case of no krypton gold, players can choose from three initial doctors: Bowser, Brigitte, and Mario.The three doctors have different abilities. By eliminating viruses, you can accumulate skill slots, and when the skill slots are full, you can amplify your moves.For example, Kuba can eliminate a horizontal virus, while Mario can eliminate a single vertical virus.

Due to different character abilities, there is a gap in the speed of skill accumulation. At the same time, the power of each skill is also different. Coupled with different supports, you can actually create a gameplay with your own style.

Compared to the single-player mode, which focuses on brain-burning puzzles, PVP battles emphasize a fast pace. Almost every game can be solved within two minutes, which is in line with the fast and exciting characteristics of mobile games.While eliminating their own virus, players can also throw the eliminated virus to the opponent to prevent the other party from eliminating it. The rhythm of the game is similar to "Tetris eating chicken" on the switch, and the experience is quite exciting.

Doctor Mario: The World mobile

4. Small krypton is pleasant, big krypton is tasteless

As said before, the game currently provides 10 "doctors" and 30 "support".Except for the initial character, other characters must be obtained through drawing cards.Players can accumulate gold coins through playing to draw, or they can draw cards directly with krypton gold.

There is nothing unusual about drawing a character, but since both "Doctor" and "Support" have the setting of leveling up, the more advanced the character's support, the numerical value is naturally stronger.And upgrading depends on drawing cards, so krypton gold players will be stronger in combat effectiveness, and it is not surprising that there will be level crushing.The impact of krypton gold development on balance has to be said to be a problem in this work.

The game also has an element of "pumping eggs", which can be drawn with enough 4000 gold coins or diamonds. There are main characters and supporting characters

5. Epilogue: The old tree of childhood blooms new flowers


In general, "Dr. Mario: World" continues Nintendo's core of "fun" as the previous mobile games launched by Nintendo, and it is an extremely excellent mobile game.Not only is the brain-burning level design of the single-player game extremely challenging, but the exhilaration of multiplayer PVP battles is also completely different from similar games, bringing a very different gaming experience.

However, the relationship between krypton gold card draw and cultivation makes the game's battle balance somewhat problematic.》The key to long-term operation.

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