App Picks Article Game Eviews Extranet sharp comments: How about the super cool and fast hit mobile game "Crystal Core"?

Extranet sharp comments: How about the super cool and fast hit mobile game "Crystal Core"?

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Crystal of Atlan - CBT Gameplay Android

Crystal Core

Extranet sharp comments: How a

A floating continent, a lost city where magic and machinery intertwine.

The forces in pursuit ofthe mysterious power of #crystal cores# are rushing to it.

The girl with the mysterious right eye, the ubiquitous mysterious crystal

How many unknown secrets still exist in this magical continent?

A floating continent, a maze of magic and machinery.

In order to pursue the mysterious power of the crystal nucleus, all forces flock to it.

The girl with the mysterious right eye, the mysterious crystals everywhere

Does this magical continent still exist?How many unknown secrets?

Extranet sharp comments: How a

Extranet sharp comments: How a

Foreign Netizen Comments: Web Text World Translator: Perter.Zhu

Matheus Silva De Paula

Eu espero mesmo que esse jogo receba uma versão global, pq de fatoesse pode ser o MMO dos sonhos!

This is the MMO game I wish I could dream of!Hope it has an international server.


Besides the clunky UI looks decent as a start.

The UI looks ok.


How disappointing. The trailers made it look like a AAAgame, the actual gameplay looks like a watered down Soulworker mixed with Dragon Raja and Genshin.

Very disappointing.Although the trailer looks like 3A, it is actually "Soul Weapon" that combines "Dragon Fantasy" and "Yuan Shen".

Immanuel Marchellino

Akhirnya konten game baruu, sekian lama akhirnya ada lagiwkwkw

Finally has a new tour, need more content about it.

Sophisto Boy

I didn't think this game wouldcome out looking so good.

I didn't expect the game to be so amazing.

Vishal Kapri

Finally no turn based.

Fortunately, it's not a turn-based system.

CJQ Cresent

You make it sound like we had nothing but turnbased?

As if we only play turn-based?


Its too good to be real.

This is too good to be true.

kevin jack

Well this reminds me of LOL Arcane a lot.But that combat looks good.

Reminds me of League of Legends, that fight is really good.

walisson play

Think it was riot's new game!

This is a new game from Riot Games!

Jack Frost

@walisson play Can't read theinfo? This is a Chinese ARPG.

Did you read the title?This is a Chinese ARPG game.

walisson play

@Jack Frost Sorry! translation error, I meantthat, "I thought it was Riot's new game"

Sorry!Mistranslation, I mean, guess it's Riot's new game.

Jack Frost

@walisson play Do you have a problem reading Englishtexts? And I said that this is a Chinese RPG meaning it's NOT a game by Riot. That's an American Corp.

Are you dyslexic?I said: This is a Chinese RPG game, which means it is not a game made by Riot.That is an American company.


@Jack Frost That's why he said"I thought" because the background in the first few clips looks like Zaun. "do you have a problem reading English texts?" back to you.

He said "guess", and several characters in the video are a bit like Zaun."Are you dyslexic?" This sentence is returned to you.

Stunhero YNZ

Please tell us there will be pc port I dontlike playing in my phone.

Please let me know if it has a PC side.I don't like playing games on my phone.


Any info if it is mmorpg or single player rpg withmultiplayer function.

Is this game stand-alone or multiplayer.

CJQ Cresent

Don't know yet, it't know yet, it't know yet, it't39;s still kinda early but we should receive more info later on thruout the year.

I don’t know, it’s still early, I guess there will be information after a while.

CJQ Cresent

@Storm Yes, hopefully it turns out better thanGenshin.

Yes, I hope it is more fun than Genshin.


This is what the mobile version of Kritika should'vebeen.

This is the mobile game version of "Blade of the Wind".

Hank Channel

Amazing cut scene graphics. Does the gameplay graphics looklike Legend of Zelda from 1980?

Amazing graphics.Kind of like The Legend of Zelda.


Sister of chung from elsword, haha

Sister of Elsword, lol


Ok this does seem very interesting. I might need to give this one a try when pre-rego is announced.

Ok this does seem very interesting. When the game is released, I might play.

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