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SE "justifiable defense" mobile game version overseas test, developed by UE4, the stronges

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As we all know, Square Enix often uses the three-character trick of "remake" to "resurrect" many games again and again, and even fry "cold rice" into a Michelin-level taste, which shows that it is in the field of "remake"extraordinary ability.

However, this new game recently may change the stereotype of SE in the field of cold food.Recently, the "King of Cold Rice" has moved its game "Just Cause" ("Just Cause") series to the mobile terminal. The new mobile game "Just Cause Mobile" (hereinafter referred to as "JCM") is currently available in Malaysia,The Google Play marketplace in places like Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines is available for free.

SE justifiable defense mobil

New bottle of old wine or ready to explode?I thought this was another simple "remake" game, trying to bring the long-lost "Just Cause" series back to the players' vision, but this is not the case.According to official news, this new work is not developed by Avalanche Studios on the PC side, but the creation of a new team led by SE, which makes GameLook have some expectations for this new work. Can the old IP + new team make this gameThe action game that has been "stopped" for 3 years is back again under the blessing of UE4?

"Just Cause Mobile" promotional video

The formula has changed completely, can mobile games restore the taste of action?

Compared to the direct transplantation of PC games, SE obviously did not take such a straightforward approach when facing the IP of "Just Cause", but used the new team to endow it withThe new look of the mobile terminal is created with UE4, which creates a completely different presentation form of "JCM" and the original PC.

"Just Cause Mobile" player trial

Although it is difficult for anyone to deny the beauty of Rico (the hero of the "Just Cause" series), "JCM" still gavePlayers have a choice.After starting the game, the first thing that bears the brunt is a simple character selection system, which may have declared the difference between this game and the original from the very beginning.There are four different face shapes for men and women built into the game - including the original protagonist Rico, of course. At the same time, the left side can also adjust the posture of the character when loading.

SE justifiable defense mobil

After completing the selection, you can enter the official game tutorial.The player is quickly brought into the game plot, this time the player needs to fight against the evil organization "Dark Water" - this is naturally a task style familiar to PC players.In the tutorial, the player needs to jump out of the plane, open the parachute and airborne to the mission location, but the familiar operation style almost made GameLook appear in another game.

SE justifiable defense mobil

Before GameLook came back to his senses, the protagonist suddenly landed in theIn the mission location, this also makes the God's perspective of "JCM" appear in front of the players for the first time. It has to be said that this is really a "makeover" change, so that people forget what kind of game it is for a while.

After entering the mission location, the player can "jump and tug" all the way in the tutorial. After getting familiar with the battle, GameLook found that the combat style of "JCM" has retained various elements of the original work.However, due to the limitation of God's perspective, ordinary rifle shooting can't be used for aiming operations. You can only randomly attack enemies through the line instructions on the screen. The accuracy is gratifying.

SE justifiable defense mobil

However, the sniper rifle can be aimed precisely, when the two indicator lines in the screen gradually close, you can "headshot". When facing some ordinary enemies, this move has considerable damage, and it is basically a "second kill".Players can also achieve sniping operations by occupying the commanding heights in the game. Although it lacks the killing pleasure brought by the scope, the good shooting feel and the animation effect during critical strikes still make this attack method have a good experience.

SE justifiable defense mobil

SE justifiable defense mobil

The movement system in "JCM" is also similar to the original work. Parachute take-off in place and hang glider switching can bring a touch ofThe joy of "parkour", whether it is rushing or escaping, is a good skill.

SE justifiable defense mobil

In addition, the game also comes with a variety of ground and air vehicles, including armored vehiclesAnd armed helicopters, etc., can also enrich the player's choice of running maps. However, the damage of the machine gun on the armored vehicle is extremely low. Perhaps the game encourages players to use it as a "bomb" rather than as a vehicle.

SE justifiable defense mobil

It is worth mentioning that "JCM" has also been adapted to the mobile game in the BOSS battle, you need to use the hook lock system to move flexibly during the battle, and wait until the right time to attack. There will also be more map elements to interact with in the follow-up BOSS.However, due to the inconvenience caused by the viewing angle of the game when playing, it often happens that you can only see the attack prompt of the BOSS but not the BOSS himself.

SE justifiable defense mobil

JCM has also made many attempts in the character development part, such as HP on the character panel, defense, weapon DPS and other values are displayed in more detail, which also makes the RPG of this work more concentrated.

The RPG of the open world

Maybe to meet the network needs of stand-alone games, and the weakening of the action in "JCM" has brought mapImprovements to interaction, multiplayer and development elements.

"JCM" provides players with an open map that supports multiplayer online together. Players can go to different locations on the map to receive and complete tasks.Allowing other players to join the map has undoubtedly brought a new experience to the old players of the original game. Players existing on the same map cannot do damage, but other map elements or enemies are shared resources, which also led to "The refresh rate of public items in JCM is very fast, and the house that has just been destroyed may be respawned when the player comes back after a few seconds after walking out of the screen.

"JCM" has also made many attempts in the character development part. On the character panel, the values ​​such as HP, defense, weapon DPS, etc. are displayed in detail, which also makes the RPG of this workthicker.

SE justifiable defense mobil

"JCM" also opened up the weapon upgrade "Star Up" system, players can use thePut the props in it to upgrade, and then get an improvement in attributes.

SE justifiable defense mobil

Weapons and equipment can not only be obtained through upgrades, but also through theBuy shards from the Black Market Merchant.

SE justifiable defense mobil

In terms of maps, "JCM" still retains the design of an open and free map.There are also a lot of interactive elements, and different interactive forms will have different display signs, which is convenient for players to distinguish in an environment with too dense elements, and most of the map elements can be interacted and destroyed.

"JCM" may look more like an MMORPG game. The multiplayer online stage and rich PRG elements make this game significantly different from the PC side, but in terms of player interactionOn the one hand, in addition to the regular multiplayer public screen chat, "JCM" also allows players to have "friendly interactions" through harmless hook locks. For example, players can use their own hook locks to tie up other players and drag them to their side, or sticking out the shackle to trip another player in his path.

Although such a setting does not have any impact on the core experience of the game, participating in the hook-ups of a bunch of players who do not know each other may also become a part of the game's leisure time.One of the rest of the fun.

When talking about the reason for the creation of mobile games, SE said that in order to respond to the needs of players in the "Just Cause" community for online gameplay, and then created such a mobile game for players to "try early adopters"".In terms of multiplayer interaction, in addition to the original story campaign mode, "JCM" also has a challenge mode and a multiplayer PK mode, which includes a 30-player arena battle and a 4-player cooperative mission mode, etc.Player level upgrades are unlocked one after another.

The choices and trade-offs faced in directly developing a stand-alone game into a mobile game may be beyond our imagination. It is also courageous for SE to use important game IP for such an attempt.Although "JCM" has almost changed the original work, it also presents innovative transformations in areas such as multiplayer interaction and operation retention. Is the new bottle of old wine still ready to explode?Only time will give us the answer.

Title:SE "justifiable defense" mobile game version overseas test, developed by UE4, the stronges
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