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Say goodbye to the holiday syndrome: 12 apps to restore productivity

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Editor's Note: The National Day holiday has just passed, and the holiday syndrome has occurred. It is difficult to return to work, and the efficiency is not high.Fortunately, there are many tools in the world that can help us regain productivity and reach full health, such as these 12 applications.The author of this article is Francesco D'Alessio, the original title is 12 Productivity Apps For After Vacation.

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

How did you spend the National Day holiday?Is it to travel and see the world?Or stay at home and watch good dramas all over the world?or something else?

But after this week of relaxation, you are facing a life of vacation and no statutory holidays for the next three months. You need to go back to work, adapt to the work process, and deal with possible problems at workRespond quickly, and having good tools can help you get back to work as quickly as possible.

We have compiled a list of productivity tools, a total of 12 applications, which may help you increase productivity, improve your work efficiency, and help you move towards your goals.

1. Pillow: Automatic Sleep Tracking

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Sleep is very important.After a long vacation, travel may make you tired, and traffic jams may make you too tired, so the first app I recommend to improve work efficiency is Pillow.

Pillow is a good tool for sleep tracking and recording, and it can also help you analyze your sleep status.In her latest book, The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington emphasizes that sleep has its value.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

2. Taskful: Smart to-do list

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Simple to-do listList apps are very popular among people who care about productivity.If you also want to increase productivity, then Taskful will be the perfect app.

Taskful's methods of adding to-do items and planning goals are very simple and suitable for beginners.

Adapted to iOS devices.

3. Qbserve: Progress Tracking

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Analyze when you use the computerIt is very useful to know which websites you visit, how productive you are at work, how long you spend on a certain task, and such statistics will provide a clear analysis method for your work.

Qbserve can provide productivity scores and schedules. With this software, you can understand how efficient you are in a day.

Adapted to Mac devices, 15-day free trial, 150 yuan is required to continue using.

4. Origin: Just for writing

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Improve your writing ability, evenLet you remember some words.

Origin allows you to focus on writing. In this APP, you can only keep writing and cannot delete.And Origin's interface has nothing but words, so you can't get distracted.The free version has a word limit, and each document can only write 250 words, but the free version does not limit the number of documents.

Adapted to Mac devices, paying 30 yuan can remove the word limit.

5. Purp: Set a plan

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

After the holidays, you may haveSome new goals.Maybe losing weight is one of them, or having a new goal at work.Setting goals can sometimes be difficult.

Purp splits the goal into achievable tasks, letting you know what you have done for the goal and what tasks still need to be completed.

Adapted to iOS devices.

6. Fantastical 2: The calendar is also beautiful

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

The next few monthsIt may be very important to have all the events scheduled. To achieve this goal, it may be a pain to use the calendar app that comes with iOS. Why not use a more attractive calendar?

Fantastical 2 is a powerful, well-designed option for Mac and iOS users.

Adapted to Mac and iOS devices, the price of the iPhone version is 30 yuan, the price of the iPad version is 68 yuan, and the price of the Mac version is 328 yuan.

7. Timing 2: Record time

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

This APP is very similar to Qbserve,But it provides the ability to track and analyze daily website usage in a deeper way, so as to improve your awareness of your daily work situation.

Designed for ease of use, Timing 2 analyzes in a refreshing way how you spend your precious time.

Adapted to Mac devices.

8. Headspace: Meditation at Home

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

At home, it can be difficult to relax.If your phone is close at hand, or your family/friends want to talk to you, you will have less time for personal focus.It is very important to make good use of these times.

Headspace is the most popular meditation app.

Adapted to iOS and Android devices.

9. Soon: Life wish list

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

During the past week of vacation, maybeYou've added items to your life bucket list, like movies you haven't seen, restaurants you haven't been to.

Download Soon.Soon organizes all the things you want to do in a very smart way, and it can bring you a continuous life record.

Adapted to iOS devices, Android version will be launched soon.

10. UnClutter: Avoid confusion

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

If you want to save the cut content, you needStaged files and staged text?UnClutter is a great piece of software that has saved me a lot of time.

Adapted to Mac devices, the price is 128 yuan.

11. Sorted: Alternative to-do list

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Sorted allows you to be concisePlan your schedule, tasks within the timeline.

Using it to arrange tasks and plan your time will make your day's work more organized and avoid the interference of interactive to-do list apps.

Adapted to iOS devices, 14-day free trial, priced at 98 yuan, and a Mac version will be launched soon.

12. Things 3: The most attractive to-do list

Say goodbye to the holiday syn

Just looking for a brand new to-do list app when you get back from vacation?

Things 3 may be your best choice, it is currently one of the most attractive apps on iOS and Mac, and it is very easy to use.Things 3 may organize your every day.

Adapted to iOS and Mac devices.

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