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Don't waste any more time! Let's use these apps to improve productivity

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The full text is 1409 words in total, and the estimated learning time is 5 minutes

Don't waste any more time! Let

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You may play games, browse Weibo, and browse Taobao every day, and finally one day, you make up your mind and say to yourself: "You can't go on like this!", soI uninstalled all the entertainment apps, leaving only the communication function, and I can't wait to replace it with an elderly phone.

Stop, wait!Don't overdo it, everyone has a powerful device in their pocket, but how they use their computing power varies from person to person.There are some very practical apps that can help you complete tasks efficiently and improve productivity.

Don't waste your time on facebook and instagram, don't be primitive and ascetic.Give these apps a try!

How does the author memorize complex concepts in the field?

Don't waste any more time! Let

Anki program

Anki is much more effective than traditional learning methods. It can not only greatly shorten the learning time, but also significantly increase the amount of learning.I write shorthand cards and use Anki to review them regularly.Anki uses spaced repetition for easy memorization.Spaced repetition is a learning technique that is often performed using shorthand cards.To take advantage of the mental spacing effect, shorthand cards with new input and greater difficulty were shown more frequently, whereas longer and less difficult shorthand cards were shown less often.

Everyone who needs to remember things in daily life can gain something in Anki.With its random content and support for images, audio, video, and scientific markup (via LaTeX), Anki's possibilities are endless.

The shorthand cards I create are about concepts I find difficult to remember.For example, a very informal explanation of the abstract concept of regularization.When I need to explain the concept to others, I don't have to find a way to use metaphors, because I already remember the specific meaning of the concept.

The downside of Anki is that you need to find your own way to organize your shorthand cards, one size does not work for everyone.It can also quickly become cluttered with too many cards stored.Therefore, the author only enters the most important and hardest-to-remember concepts into it.

Don't waste any more time! Let

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How does the author stay up late to learn about the latest research?

Reddit is an online community based on people's interests.No need to introduce yourself, and you can have constructive conversations in many communities.But it can also be a double-edged sword, focusing too much on time-wasting communities for little gain.In these communities, major breakthroughs in the field are mentioned and discussed.

The author is currently actively participating in the following communities:

· r/learn machine learning (machinelearning)

·r/Machine Learning

When you come across an article you want to read later


Pocket is an app and browser extension that stores articles and reads them later.Today, we are in the era of information explosion.Every time I visit HackerNews or DataTau, I find many interesting articles that I want to read or should read, but don't have time to read them right away.Pocket solves this problem!

Bringing Notes into the 21st Century

In 2020, you can't go out without an e-book.I read e-books on the Kindle and love its highlighting feature.However, despite the Kindle's highlight feature, highlighted text is hard to read.Thankfully,, a free online service, allows you to type these highlighted text.

Don't waste any more time! Let

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Plus, it has a user-friendly interface and is full-featured.The author visits the website through a mobile browser on a mobile phone.

For unformed ideas

Each phone hasThere is a pre-installed note-taking program.There are more powerful note-taking programs out there, like Evernote or OneNote, but to me, they're chock-full of unnecessary features.

The Apple’sNotes app is very useful. When I have a whim or an idea about something that needs to be explored, I simply jot down notes on this app.

Get inspired

The author found moremore exciting content.There are well-written tutorials (sometimes even better than some literature), and guided courses for in-depth study.

Don't waste any more time! Let

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The key to realizing the maximum potential of smart devices is to find effective tools and use them reasonably. These apps will greatly change your work, study and life.

Don't waste any more time! Let

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