App Picks Article APP Tutorial Microsoft's new productivity applications: Office Now, OneClip

Microsoft's new productivity applications: Office Now, OneClip

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It is reported that Microsoft will launch new productivity applications for Android, iOS and its own Windows Phone platform, and is currently testing them internally-the personal assistant Office Now and the cloud-based cross-device clipboard OneClip.In a recent Reddit AMA event, Bill Gates hinted that Office Now will become your personal assistant: "The process of finding and picking apps is so inefficient, so you need an assistant to help you solve it."

Microsoft's new productivity a

Foreign media Neowin pointed out that when you open Office Now, you can see the daily work outline, and the activities and meeting arrangements are the parts that need to be highlighted.

Microsoft's new productivity a

It is worth looking forward to the built-in meeting notification function. If the meeting is held in a different place, Office Now will give the directionand estimated travel time.

Microsoft's new productivity a

The application should also be able to directly extract the data in the email, so as to give timely notification for meeting changes.Plus, you can see relevant feeds on the overview screen on the lock screen without opening the app.

Microsoft's new productivity a

Office Now summarizes and optimizes the activities of the whole day, you can use it to know the start and end time of the first and last activities, and the fullHow many hours have you booked out in total?

Another application that Microsoft will bring to us is a cloud clipboard called OneClip.OneClip makes it easy to organize what you've seen and used, the company says.

For example, you can transfer photos, screenshots, phone calls, addresses, and even important excerpts of a certain text from your PC to devices such as mobile phones, while ensuring smart clipping and security across devicessex.

OneClip is a bit like a super small OneDrive with better mobile support, and of course Evernote also provides many similar functions.

In addition, Microsoft is also working on developing "micro-email" (micro-email) products, such as Microsoft Flow, which is somewhat similar to Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.■

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Title:Microsoft's new productivity applications: Office Now, OneClip
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Microsoft's new productivity applications: Office Now, OneClip

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