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Chrome OS productivity tool recommendation!

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Chrome OS productivity tool re

I have known chrome os for a long time, and I have always wanted to buy a chromebook.Suffering from domestic policies and Google's delay in entering China, it has been lingering.In fact, when I go to work, I basically edit documents or make pictures with PS, and read news and look up tutorials in my spare time. I don’t know if these can be satisfied.I found some tools on the Internet to improve productivity on this platform, and I hope it can help everyone (I am planning to buy one recently, just as a reserve)

1. The new tab of Speed dial plus is a must for surfing the Internetpage, directly replace the uninspiring new tab page that comes with chrome, simple, beautiful and fast.

Chrome OS productivity tool re

2. Choose ublock origin for ad blocking: ublock origin is a great ad blocking plug-in, cpu and memory usageToo small to be ignored.

3. A must-have artifact for domestic users: Proxy Switch Sharp

4. The best password management software on LastPass Chrome, which supports automatic password filling and password generation.

5. Adblock Plus The famous Adblock Plus, another ad blocking plug-in, may be the plug-in with the most users on chrome (no one).

6. Speed Tabs open tooAfter multiple tags, you can’t quickly find the corresponding page, let this plugin help you

7. Necessary tools for programmers: Fehelper various transcoding, timestamp, json formatting, code formatting, code compression, QR code generation, web development artifact.

8. Vimium is the favorite of geeks, get rid of the mouse, improve efficiency, and let you browse the web like flying.

9. LastPass There are too many LastPass passwords to remember, this plug-in can help you easily solve it, free password management software, a must for surfing the Internet.

10. Awesome Screenshot web page screenshot tool, supports graphic screenshots of various shapes, supports annotations, and supports mosaics

This will continue to be updated.I'll also share my experience with the chromebook once I get it.

Chrome OS productivity tool re

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