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EPS Topik

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Game Introduction

The "EPS Topik" - 고용허가제 is an application that aids foreign workers to work in various industries in Korea, such as manufacturing units, construction sites, and agriculture, by evaluating their language proficiencys. It consists of a general EPS section, which covers reading and listening, with around 960 questions for each. Additionally, there are special EPS sections, each with approximately 200 questions, on topics such as chemicals, metals, food, electronics, machinery modeling, pulp, textiles, and plastics. The app supports English and Khmer languages and includes a historical test feature, which allows users to review and continue from where they left off. For further information or suggestions, please email


EPS Topik - 고용허가제 is application for helping foreigner workers to work in Korean manufacturing units, construction sites, agriculture etc. It tests the language skills of potential foreign employees.Features: + General EPS: Including reading and listening - reading (~960 questions) - listening (~960 questions) + Special EPS: Work related questions - chemical (~200 questions) - medal (~200 questions) - food related (~200 questions) - electronics (~200 questions) - machinery modling (~200 questions) - pulp (~200 questions) - textile (~200 questions) - plastic (~200 ques.....

  • Clear and concise language
  • Provides information about the purpose and features of the application
  • Lists the specific categories included in the special EPS section
  • Provides contact information for inquiries or suggestions

EPS Topik App 1.1.6 Update


Fixed bug & audio listening

  • EPS Topik
  • EPS Topik
  • EPS Topik
  • EPS Topik
  • EPS Topik
  • EPS Topik
Title:EPS Topik
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