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Game Introduction

Welcome to "AVAkuma", an anime OC character creator app designed for mobile devices. "AVAkuma" is a dedicated community for anime lovers, allotriumphg them to create, dress up, and share their own original characters. With this app, users can customize their character's appearance with clothing and dressings, either using free assets or creating their own. They can also design their own outfits with the DIY feature and use the animation tool to create stories, MV or PV with free templates. "AVAkuma" also offers an online anime community where users can build their own background story and aficionadotasy world, meet new anime lovers, and play the in-app mini OC match called AVAland.

Welcome to AVAkuma, one of the best anime OC character creators !
AVAkuma is a dedicated anime OC (Original Character) community available for all mobile devices. We want to provide a simple app for all anime lovers, where they can easily create, share and dress up anime characters. You can even DIY/customize your characters outfit, create short Anime Movies with all your characters and take them to an OC game for an adventure !
Find your anime friends and create characters in AVAKuma !
● Easily Create Your Own OC ●Dont know how to create OC ?
Here with AVAkuma, you can easily customize your OC appearance with lots of clothing and dressings. Yo.....


  • Provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for creating anime OC characters
  • Offers a DIY feature for designing custom outfits
  • Includes an animation tool with free templates for creating stories
  • Provides an online anime community for users to connect with each other
  • Encourages communication and bonding between anime enthusiasts.

AVAkuma App 2.12.0 Update


Welcome to AVAkuma - OC Character Creator! Please check for updates.

1. Brand-new personal space! Dress up your avatar and complete the profile info to show your OC. Receive likes from others and gain the popularity of your OC!
2. Character poses upgraded. Better poses combinations for your OCs.
3. Features optimized.

THANK YOU to our fans and fellow creators. Find us on Discord or Twitter.

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