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YouDJ Mixer

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Game Introduction

YouDJ is a completely free DJ app with no ads, created by Erik, an audio engineer who has been programming it for 10 years as a passion project. It offers high-quality DJ tools, including 16 sound effects, a sampler with 80 samples, vinyl scratching, auto beat synchronization, keylock, loops, automix, and hotcues. The app is designed to be the most fun and easy-to-use DJ app for beginners, but it's still useful for advanced DJs. You can use the app to mix songs, and there are various effects you can apply, such as loops, fx pads, eq, scratch, sampler, and hot cues. YouDJ comes preloaded with great music from talented artists, and you can also play MP3 files stored on your device. The app is available on all desktop and mobile platforms, and you can even try the computer version. Finally, if you enjoy the app, please consider leaving a positive review.

Characteristic features:

Super fun and easy DJ mixerThis app is THE ONLY 100% FREE DJ APP on the play store WITH NO AD, for real!
Hello, I am Erik the programmer of YouDJ. I am an audio engineer, programming YouDJ for 10 years as a passion project!
I dont have any team or cost, thats why I make this DJ app ENTIRELY FREE!
I found out that all major DJ apps like MWM Edjing / Algoriddim Djay / Gismart DJit are very expensive and try to force you to subscribe for years. Other DJ apps pretend to be free but are just copycats with tons of ads. I am not playing like that, so I decided to make YouDJ fo.....

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What's New in the Latest Version 18.26

Last updated on Feb 15, 2023

I fixed the problem "app is not installed". The app is all FREE now! Thanks for using it, enjoy :)
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
  • YouDJ Mixer
Title:YouDJ Mixer
Copyright:The copyright of the game belongs to the game developer. If there is any infringement, please contact our email to delete this URL!
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