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Game Introduction

This is an article about an app that allows users to update their earbuds' firmware, adjust the programmable EQ, view battery levels and statistics, enable gaming mode, control touch and button options, and test antenna connections. The app also offers options for ANC and Ambient sound, as long as the manufacturer permits it. It supports all Airoha chipsets newer than the 155X series and offers additional features such as Discover my earbuds, Share mode, in-ear detection, Adaptive ANC mode, and AI options for certain devices. The app was built by Airoha and designed and distributed by the AirReps community, with no profit motive.


Embark on a journey like no other.

This app lets you:Update firmware of your earbuds.Adjust the chipsets programmable EQ (PEQ).Shows battery levels and general statistics of the firmware/chipset.Gaming mode

  • AirReps156X
  • AirReps156X
  • AirReps156X
  • AirReps156X
  • AirReps156X
  • AirReps156X
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