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Game Introduction

This article describes a specialized tracking application that allows both delegates and customers to track their shipments and deliveries. The app enables delegates to update the delivery status and communicate with the administration and customers to solve any shipment-related problems. Customers can access their account to check the status of their receipts, accounts, and statements. Additionally, the app provides a record of previous transactions for follow-up and auditing purposes. The application also includes notifications for representatives, customers, or both.

A special application for tracking shipments and deliveryThe application is designed for use by the delegate or the customer, each according to the account registered with itThrough the application, the representative can update the delivery or shipment cases and communicate with the administration and the customer on the wasl to solve any problem related to the shipmentThrough the customers account, the customer can know the status of his receipts, accounts and statementsEveryone can browse the old accesses for follow-up and audit purposesThe application contains circulating notices for a representative, a customer, or all together.....


  • Objective and informative tone
  • Clearly organized into sections with distinct information
  • Uses technical language specific to the topic
  • Includes benefits for both delegates and customers
  • Depicts the features and functions of the app in detail

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.1

Last updated on Sep 19, 2022

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