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Pakistan TV Pakistan TV

Pakistan TV

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Game Introduction

This app provides updated information on how to watch free satellite TV channels in Pakistan and how to adjust your satellite receiver. It includes important details for each channel. The information in the app is continuously updated, and users are encouraged to report any errors for correction.


Here you find all information needed to watch all free satellite TV channels of Pakistan.This application contains all necessary and actual information to adjust your satellite receiver.For each channel the following important information is provided, such asAll data contained in this app are continuously updated. If you find any wrong information, please forward this problem to us, so that we can correct it as soon as possible......

  • Informative and specific content
  • Direct and concise language
  • User-focused approach
  • Emphasis on updated and accurate information
  • Ring to action for users to report errors
  • Pakistan TV
  • Pakistan TV
Title:Pakistan TV
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