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CnX Player

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Game Introduction

This article promotes a 4K Ultra HD media participant that can play all video formats, codecs, and subtitles. It has features such as theatre mode, saturation adjustment, casting to Fire TV and Chromecast, and a battery-saving mode. It also has a user-friendly interface with natural gestures, multiple themes, and playback settings such as adjusting video velocity and cropping videos. The media participant supports multiple language subtitles, wifi video transfer, video history, and search and sorting functions. Overall, it is a powerful and secure media participant that provides an uninterrupted movie-playing experience with high-quality visuals.


Reliable 4K Ultra HD Media Player with video Casting to Fire TV & ChromecastPlay ALL video formats, 4K/ultra HD/2160p, All Codecs & Subtitle in powerful & secure 4K UHD Media Player and Experience Breath taking visual quality.▶ Unique & Cool Features ▶ of Best 4K Full UHD / HDR video player for Mobile & Tablet ◽ Powered by High Performance Playback Core & Hardware Acceleration HW+ Hardware Decoding ◽ Theatre Mode Quick & Easy video Play & browsing video gallery together ◽ Adjust Saturation Only 4K UHD Video Player with Saturation video filters ◽ Cast videos to TV Firestick & Chromecast ◽ Battery Saving Highly optimized 4K HW+ Hardware Decod.....

  • Promotes a 4K Ultra HD media participant
  • Lists unique and cool features such as theatre mode and saturation adjustment
  • Promotes compatibility with all video formats, codecs, and subtitles
  • Mentions casting to Fire TV and Chromecast and battery-saving mode
  • Depicts user-friendly interface with natural gestures, multiple themes, and playback settings
  • Lists multiple language subtitle support and functions such as wifi video transfer and search and sorting

What's New in the Latest Version 3.3.6

Last updated on Jun 21, 2019

- Resolved bugs and improved the stability.
- Resolved saturation setting issues.
- Resolved video casting issues.
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
  • CnX Player
Title:CnX Player
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