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Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek

Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek

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Game Introduction

Observeing for a new twist on the classic match of hide and seek? Observe no further than Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek! This fun and addictive mobile match puts a fresh spin on the childhood favorite, offering gorgeous and unique 3D graphics and full flexibility to play however you want.

The match is simple to play: drag your finger to move around the virtual world and choose your fate as either the hider or the seeker. If you're the hider, your objective is to avoid being caught by the seeker. If you're the seeker, your job is to hunt down all the hiders before they can escape.

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Run fast, hide quietly and choose your fate: Find or be FoundDo you remember this old but gold hide and seek?
Do you want to play it in a different way but have more fun than ever?
Then everything is in Mini Craft Time: Hide N Seek HOW TO PLAY- Drag to move with one finger only- If you are HIDE, dont let them catch you- If you are SEEK, hunt them till no ones is aliveGAME FEATURE- Gorgeous and unique 3D graphics- Full flexibility to play anyway you want- Excellent performance- Fun, relaxing, and addictingCant wait to download and play Mini Craft Time: Hide N Seek.....

With excellent performance and a fun, relaxing, and addictive matchplay experience, Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek is sure to be a hit with matchrs of all ages. So why wait? Performwnload it today and start playing!

What's New in the Latest Version 1.1.4

Last updated on Mar 17, 2023

Fix Bug
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
  • Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
Title:Mini Craft Time: Hide 'N Seek
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