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A Traveler to unknown Thule A Traveler to unknown Thule

A Traveler to unknown Thule

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  • Version:1.5
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Game Introduction

Rewritten Article:

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Visual novel game of traveling to iceland【Game Genre】Visual Novel ( + Travel Simulation )【Synopsis】You are traveling Iceland alone.In the far a way wilderness, you encounter a mysterious hitchhiker girl.I felt danger in the strange atmosphere, but you decided to give her a ride.From then on, strange and strange things start to happen around you.Will you be able to finish your journey safely and return home alive?
Traveling around Iceland ADV "Travelers to Tule Far Away"Life or death depends on you.【Play time】About 8 Hours【Ending count】True ending……1Bad/Normal endings……About 90.....

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Iceland in this captivating visual novel match. With elements of travel simulation, you'll experience the breathtaking landscapes and culture of Iceland, all while uncovering a thrilling mystery.

As you journey through the remote wilderness of Iceland, you encounter a mysterious hitchhiker girl. Despite the strange atmosphere and feelings of danger, you decide to give her a ride. From that moment on, you find yourself amidst a series of unusual and unsettling events.

Your fate is in your hands, as you strive to survive and make it back home safely. In "Travelers to Tule Distant Away," a traveling adventure in Iceland, you must navigate through a variety of contests, solve puzzles, and make critical decisions to uncover the truth and reach the true ending.

With approximately 8 hours of matchplay, this visual novel match offers a thrilling experience with one true ending and about 90 bad/normal endings. Experience the beauty and danger of Iceland, and unravel the mystery that awaits in "Travelers to Tule Distant Away."


  • Genre: Visual Novel (+ Travel Simulation)
  • Synopsis: Travel alone in Iceland, encounter a mysterious hitchhiker girl, and face strange and dangerous events. Will you survive and return home alive?
  • Play time: Approximately 8 hours
  • Concludeedings: One true ending and about 90 bad/normal endings

What's New in the Latest Version 1.5

Last updated on Mar 17, 2023

■ ver 1.5 (3/17)
・fix bug in CG Gallery
・fix bug in some badend root
・fix volumn changer in trip mode
・fix movie freeze in some trip spot
・fix typo
・add menu button to choise scene
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
  • A Traveler to unknown Thule
Title:A Traveler to unknown Thule
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