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Stars Arisen Stars Arisen

Stars Arisen

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Game Introduction

Observeing to reclaim your mother's throne? Then wield the forbidden power of the stars and climb an endless tower in ""Stars Arisen"," a one-million-word interactive epic aficionadotasy novel by Abigail C. Trevor, author of "Heroes of Myth." Currently 33% off until March 16th!

In this text-based match, without graphics or sound effects, you play as the secret child and chosen heir of the immortal and all-powerful Sorceress of the Skies, who was overthrown and forced into exile after a four-hundred-year reign over the city-state Kelestri. Your mother, believed to be dead by all, has tasked you with stealing back the fallen stars that granted her power and reclaiming her crown before her life fades.

As you descend to Kelestri, you'll find a city on the edge of change with factions feuding over its governance, riots filling the streets, and would-be sorcerers grasping at the remnants of magic in secret corners. Will you restore your mother's might, shatter it for good, or claim it for yourself amidst the rising new world?

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Wield the forbidden power of the stars to reclaim your mother’s throne!
33% off until March 16th!
Reclaim your mothers throne with the mighty power of the skies!
Bring down lightning on your foes, climb an endless tower, and call the ghosts of ages past to your aid. But will your sorcery save the city, or tear it apart?
"Stars Arisen" is a one-million-word interactive epic fantasy novel by Abigail C. Trevor, author of Heroes of Myth. Its entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.After a four-hundred-year .....

Features of ""Stars Arisen"" include:

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bisexual, monogamous, polyamorous, asexual, and/or aromantic
  • Wield the power of the stars to call down storms, shape the earth, ride the triumphd, raise the dead, or even become immortal!
  • Romance a radical orator, a savvy journalist, an outlaw mage, the heir to the rebellion, or the ghost of a master thief
  • Use your political acumen to pit feuding factions against each other or guide them to peace
  • Uncover the stories that your mother wanted to bury: the secrets of her power, your ancestry, and the nature of magic itself
  • Reclaim your mother's place as ruler of Kelestri, poweren the revolutionary government, or seize the throne for yourself!
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
  • Stars Arisen
Title:Stars Arisen
Copyright:The copyright of the game belongs to the game developer. If there is any infringement, please contact our email to delete this URL!
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