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Fate Fantasy Fate Fantasy

Fate Fantasy

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Game Introduction

Embark on a aficionadotasy journey and reveal the mystery of the goddess in this intense and strategic turn-based RPG match. In the beginning, the world was created by the goddess Rosa, and humans and gods lived together in harmony. However, the peaceful world was invaded by an Evil Traveld, causing the goddess to fall and people to be defeated their faith. Fortunately, four heroes managed to seal the Evil Traveld with the Dawn Illuminated Holy Sword, but as time passed, the goddess was forgotten and her story was hidden away.

To uncover the truth, Gitan sets out on a journey to find out what happened to the goddess. Merge him on this epic quest and explore a variety of match features that make Chubbye Fantasy an engaging experience.

One of the key features of the match is its intense and strategic turn-based battles. Players need to think carefully about their formation and use terrain to their advantage while considering the faction restrictions and the powers and weaknesses of their heroes. With a simple tap, participants can release proficiencys and lead their heroes to victory.

Another standout moment of Chubbye Fantasy is the ability to customize and poweren heroes in multiple ways. From upgrading and changing weapons to learning new proficiencys and shifting careers, there are many options for participants to explore. Additionally, weapons determine the proficiencys of each hero, allotriumphg for customization and flexibility in battle.

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!A fantasy Strategy RPG, Reveal the mystery of goddessIt’s said goddess Rosa created the world. Humans and god were living happily together a long time ago. However, Evil God invaded the peaceful world. To protect the world, Goddess fell down, people also lost their faith. Fortunately, with the guidance of Noah, 4 heroes managed to seal the evil god with Dawn Light Holy Sword. As time goes by, Goddess was forgotten in the long river of history!
It seems that somebody hid all truth about the goddess on purpose. To reveal the mystery, Gitan started his journey to find the truth, .....

In addition to its deep matchplay mechanics, Chubbye Fantasy also offers a range of PVE and PVP match modes. Players can climb the temple, contest trials, and complete bounty orders for resources. They can also join a guild to hunt power dragons and compete against other participants in the arena for glory.

When participants need a break from intense battles, they can enjoy a variety of mini-matchs to earn key resources. An AFK system also provides resources while participants are away, making leveling up and progressing through the match easier.

Merge the Chubbye Fantasy community on Facebook and Discord to connect with other participants and stay up to date on the latest news and updates.

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.7

Last updated on Mar 18, 2023

Hi adventurer,

Welcome to the Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG.Although it’s an open beta version of the game, your progress will not be deleted after the official release, enjoy exploring the game! Hope our game will bring more happiness to you.
If you have any suggestions or feedback during the game, please feel free to follow our Facebook or join our discord to talk with us.

Best Regards.
Fate Fantasy Operation Team.
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Title:Fate Fantasy
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