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Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game

Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game

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Game Introduction

Observeing for a fun and engaging way to improve your language proficiencys and give your brain a workout? Observe no further than Spelldown, the exciting new word match that combines anagram-solving with logic puzzles.

Unlike other casual puzzle matchs or simple word searches, Spelldown contests participants to think creatively and strategically as they work to solve each puzzle. With a variety of clues and idioms to collect, the match is both educational and entertaining.

Spelldown is also incredibly easy to play and completely free, making it accessible to participants of all ages and proficiency levels. Simply use the letters provided to solve each puzzle and earn markers as you progress through the match.

With 25 different categories to choose from, including food, sports, animals, entertainment, plants, science, art, and more, Spelldown offers endless hours of challenging and rewarding matchplay. So why not give your brain a workout and improve your word-guessing proficiencys today with Spelldown!

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Looking for brain training or relax?
Solve anagrams & enjoy word logic puzzles!
Enjoy a fun anagram game Spelldown. Check out our new word game. Its not just a casual puzzle game or word search. And it’s much more than a crossword. Spelldown is one of the coolest word games to give your brain training. Spelldown is so interesting and easy to play, and the game is for free.Each line contains a word. Solve the puzzle with the help of a set of letters, use clues to collect idioms and phrases.In the game you’ll find 25 fun categories on different topics:- food;- sports;- animals;- .....


  • Merges anagram-solving with logic puzzles
  • Offers a variety of clues and idioms to collect
  • Easy to play and completely free
  • Includes 25 different categories on various topics for endless matchplay
  • Challenging and rewarding matchplay for participants of all ages and proficiency levels.

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.1

Last updated on Feb 9, 2023

Hi! We are constantly improving the game to make it even more enjoyable for you.

In this update:
600 levels unlocked and ready to play
Fixed bugs and optimized performance

Have fun and feel free to share your opinion about Spelldown!
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
  • Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
Title:Spelldown - Word Puzzles Game
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