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Game Introduction

"Brotaco" Mobile Brotata Survive: The Ultimate Arena Shooter Rogue-like Adventure Game!

Perform you have what it takes to survive in a world filled with annoying alien zombies? "Brotaco" Mobile Brotata Survive is the ultimate adventure match that will awaken your survival instincts and put your shooting and hand-to-hand combat proficiencys to the test.

As the unique hero "Brotaco", you must wield up to 6 types of gun weapons simultaneously to fight off hordes of alien zombies. The match features new storylines, survival tactics, and pumping strategies that will keep you engaged and entertained.

You will be alone in the arena with no place to run or hide, so the only solution is to fight for survival. Increase your hero's HP, improve his regeneration ability, and choose gear to bring it to the maximum level. The match also features automatic shooting that will help you cope with hordes of alien zombie enemies while you focus on thinking through battle tactics and choosing weapons.

"Brotaco" Mobile Brotata Survive offers exciting rewards, gifts, and prizes for killing as many alien zombies as possible. Collect materials and match currency to buy a huge arsenal of weapons, and use up to 6 weapons simultaneously to survive the crowd. Improve your proficiencys in arena battles, combine weapons using their best characteristics, and fight to become the strongest in the survival match!

"Brotaco" Mobile Brotata Survive is suitable for anyone looking for an enjoyable and challenging adventure match. Start fighting in "Brotaco" Mobile Brotata Survive now and put your survival proficiencys to the test. If you like the match, give it a five-star rating and leave your comments below. If you have any ideas to improve the match, please contact us directly. Thanks!

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Brotaco is an arena shooter rogue-like Awaken the survival instinct let's fight!
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Thats why annoying alien zombies want to destroy our hero!
Brotaco Mobile Brotata Survive is a role-playing game, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, survival for a while, an adventure game with elements of roguelite.Brotako is a unique hero who wields up to 6 types of gun weapons at the same time to fight off hordes of aliens.New storylines, new ways of survival, new ways of pumping.There is nowhere to run and hide, you are alone in the arena, the only .....


  • Arena shooter rogue-like adventure match with survival elements
  • Automatic shooting
  • Up to 6 types of gun weapons can be wielded simultaneously
  • Novel storylines and survival tactics
  • Thrilling rewards, gifts, and prizes
  • Collect materials and match currency to buy a huge arsenal of weapons
  • Suitable for anyone looking for an enjoyable and challenging adventure match

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0

Last updated on Mar 21, 2023

Version 1. We are waiting your feedback)
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