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Escape the Panda Soft Serve Escape the Panda Soft Serve

Escape the Panda Soft Serve

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Game Introduction

Flee the Panda Soft Serve is an escape match developed by FUNKYLAND where you must locate and escape with five hidden pandas. This match is set in a stunning café where you must solve mysteries and find objects to aid in your escape. There are two possible endings to the match, "Normal Concludeed" and "Accurate Concludeed." To achieve the "Accurate Concludeed," you need to obtain the panda stamp. Completing the "Accurate Concludeed" will unlock the bonus match "Discover the Difference Game."

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Find five pandas and escape!
"Escape the Panda Soft Serve" is the Escape Game produced by FUNKYLAND.Find items and solve the mysteries in a beautiful café, and find five pandas hidden in the room and escape.There are two endings to this game, "Normal End" and "True End". To see "True End", you need to get the panda stamp.After the "True End", you can play "Find the Difference Game", the completion bonus.How to Play:- Just tap- Tap the item icon twice to enlarge the display.- Tap the setting button in the upper right hand corner to display the settings screen.- You can see hints.....

Playing Flee the Panda Soft Serve is easy; all you need to do is tap the screen. Performuble-tap the item icon to enlarge it and access the settings screen by tapping the button in the upper right corner. Video ads are available to provide hints for those who get stuck.

The match features stunning graphics and is easy and fun, making it suitable for all participants, even those who are not escape match enthusiasts. Additionally, the match's length is perfect for killing time.

Flee the Panda Soft Serve features an auto-save function that stores all the items you have acquired and devices you have unlocked. This feature enables you to restart the match from the last auto-save checkmarker if you need to. However, if you encounter issues restarting the match, check your device settings as there may not be enough storage space available.

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.0

Last updated on Mar 17, 2023

New Release!!
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
  • Escape the Panda Soft Serve
Title:Escape the Panda Soft Serve
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