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Stargate Voyager Stargate Voyager

Stargate Voyager

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Game Introduction

Experience the thrill of exploring new planets with the Stargate aficionado match!

Step through the Stargate and embark on an adventure to visit various planets. With the match's random address generator, you can dial a new address and discover what lies beyond the wormhole. Will you end up on a frozen, volcanic, or desert planet? Will you encounter friends or foes?

The match boasts several exciting features, including the ability to explore seven different planets. You can also choose from six different wormholes featured in the Stargate series, movies, and web series. Additionally, the match offers three levels of difficulty. For those seeking a contest, try the hard level, which requires dialing a specific address to uncover a new planet.

Please rate our aficionado match kindly and enjoy your journey through the Stargate!

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Walk through the Stargate to visit incredible planets !
This is a fan game please be kind in our ratingOn this incredible new game, you will able to visit planets through the stargate. Dial a random address with the DHD and let see which planets you will arrive on. Frozen planet?
Volcanic planet?
Desert planet?
Many features are available : 7 planets to discover 6 Differents wormhole of all Stargate Serie/Movie/WebSerie3 level of difficulty : Easy : Dial a total custom adress Medium : Dial a custom adress with point of origin Hard : Dial specific adress to disc.....


  • Ability to visit different planets
  • Random address generator
  • Variety of planet types to explore
  • Encounter with different characters
  • Six different wormholes to choose from
  • Three levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult)

What's New in the Latest Version 48

Last updated on Mar 18, 2023

Add Earth Planet (only Gate Room)
Fix Bug thanks for your many report.
  • Stargate Voyager
  • Stargate Voyager
  • Stargate Voyager
  • Stargate Voyager
  • Stargate Voyager
  • Stargate Voyager
Title:Stargate Voyager
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