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末日特工隊 末日特工隊


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Game Introduction

Rewritten Article:

Merge the newest idle card RPG match today and receive 100 consecutive draws upon logging in! In this match, the world is facing an unknown virus crisis, and only a few uninfected people remain. You play as the most outstanding secret service skipper of this century, and during a leading mission, all your squad members were infected except for you, who survived accidentally for unknown reasons. Your mission is to defend the earth and save more human beings by finding the source of the virus. However, during your adventure, you discover traces of alien invasion and an unexpected conspiracy between the top of the Earth Guard Army and the aliens.

This match offers various features to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. You can draw cards for free every day, collect more agent heroes, and poweren your agent squad. The match also has an automatic battle feature, allotriumphg you to free your hands and break through levels with ease. Additionally, you can strategically arrange the combat positions of your secret service squad based on their unique proficiencys and the three camps and five professions they belong to.

The match also offers various casual matchs such as slots, flop memory, aiming and shooting, and more. These mini-matchs are available for you to experience and enjoy. You can even receive on-hook benefits, allotriumphg your hero to continue fighting for you 24/7 even in offline mode.

In case of wrong resource allocation, the match allows heroes to be reborn for free without losing development resources. You can compete with participants from all over the world on the same stage and create your battle legend in PvP competition. By logging in daily, you can also receive rich benefits and easily develop your proficiencys without the need to grind.

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Brand new idle card RPG game, log in and get 100 consecutive draws!
An unknown virus crisis broke out on the earth, and only a few uninfected people survived.As the most outstanding secret service captain of this century, all members were infected during a leading mission, and you were the only one who survived accidentally due to unknown reasons. In order to defend the earth and save more human beings, he embarked on the road to find the source of the virus.During the adventure, I found traces of alien invasion. When I wanted to ask for more support, I accidentally broke throu.....

The match community also offers many opportunities to get mysterious gifts. By paying attention to the community account on Facebook, you can participate in discussions and share your experiences.

It is important to note that the match is classified under the 12-year-old class due to the content involving violence, and minors or incapacitated persons can only use the match service with the consent of their legal representative. The match is free to use but also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual match coins and items. Finally, participants should be aware of their use of time and avoid indulging in the match excessively.


  • Unrestricted daily card draw
  • Automatic battle
  • Battle tactics based on unique proficiencys and three camps and five professions
  • Casual matchs available
  • On-hook benefits for offline mode
  • Lossless rebirth
  • PvP competition
  • Daily benefits
  • Game community on Facebook
  • Available in Taiwan
  • Classified under the 12-year-old class
  • Minors or incapacitated persons need the consent of their legal representative
  • Unrestricted to use with paid services available
  • Time management advised.

What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.7

Last updated on Mar 17, 2023



  • 末日特工隊
  • 末日特工隊
  • 末日特工隊
  • 末日特工隊
  • 末日特工隊
  • 末日特工隊
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