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Infinite Magicraid Infinite Magicraid

Infinite Magicraid

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Game Introduction

Observeing for a challenging and exciting match to play anywhere, anytime? Observe no further than Infinite Magical Raid! With millions of downloads from adventurers all over the world, this match offers a variety of events and matchplays to keep you entertained for hours.

One of the key features of Infinite Magical Raid is its offline rewards and auto-battle system. You can receive abundant upgrade materials and rare heroes through idle matchplay and even set the match to auto-battle up to 150 times, allotriumphg you to earn countless rewards with ease. This feature lets you spend your time enjoying a real tactics match and frees up your hands to do other things.

Another great feature of Infinite Magical Raid is its individualized hero cultivation system. You can awaken heroes to obtain exclusive weapons with extra proficiency effects, gain gear and artifacts through forging and dungeon contests, and use the Emblem and Aura Systems to keep good control of the cultivation and make sure all the attributes are well-balanced. You can even regress heroes at no cost and get all the invested resources back.

With over 200 heroes from 10 factions to collect, Infinite Magical Raid offers a unique collection system that lets you summon the souls controlled by the evil god and call up the power of gods, elves, dwarfs, and wizards. Each of the factions has its own specialty, and every hero can come in handy with their unique proficiencys. You can lead them to victory on the battlepitchs of PVP and PVE and fight in different environments easily with over 10,000 ways of hero combination.

Infinite Magical Raid also features interesting strategic battles with various contents, such as hero proficiencys of more than 1,000 different kinds and the ability to switch between auto-battle and manual control, allotriumphg you to follow your own pace during the battle. And with new events available every week and abundant rewards to be claimed through participation, you'll always have something to do in this match.

The match also boasts grand 3D stages and themed dungeons, with 12 campaign stages with hand-drawn cut scenes that give you an immersive tour of the stage scenes: Sword Harbor, desert, forest, snow pitch, and more. You can contest different themed dungeons to triumph abundant rewards and clear stages to claim powerful heroes. And with the ability to add friends, establish a guild, and earn extra rewards while sharing your gaming experience with adventurers all over the world, you'll never feel alone in this match.

Merge the adventure and save the Briefes Continent from falling apart by heading to

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Challenge Bosses and upgrade heroes anytime, anywhere!
★Million downloads from adventurers around the world!
★Participate in various events at any time, claim unlimited rewards, and try out intriguing gameplays!
Step on the journey with your heroes from the Sword Harbor to defeat Lihem the evil god and save the Lowes Continent from falling apart!
Features:★Offline Rewards and Auto-battle★Receive abundant upgrade materials and rare heroes through idle gameplay.Auto-battle in the background, which can be automatically continued up to 150 times, gaining countless rewards at ease!

  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
  • Infinite Magicraid
Title:Infinite Magicraid
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