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무사키우기 -RPG- 무사키우기 -RPG-

무사키우기 -RPG-

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Game Introduction

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If you are looking for an exciting match that allows you to slay hordes of enemies coming from all directions, then look no further than Castle Protecter RPG. This match is equipped with an idle mode feature that enables you to defeat monsters even when you are not actively playing.

In Castle Protecter RPG, your mission is to clear stages and grow your samurai. The match's limited space means you need to be strategic in your approach to defeating the enemies. To help you in your quest, the match features an item trading system and a type and amulet system that allows you to set various proficiencys and abilities.

In addition to item farming, you can also synthesize gear and decorate your warrior to improve their fighting proficiencys. If you need any help or have any questions, the match provides a contact option through its settings, and you can also check out its official cafe and open Kakao Talk links for further information.


Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!A single RPG that kills a large number of enemies flocking from all sides -Idle Mode Support-Defeat the monsters that come in a limited spaceClear the stage and grow your samuraigame features-Idle mode available- Items can be traded-Type & Amulet System: Various settings for skills and abilities-Item Farming-equipment synthesis- Decorate the warrior-Contact: Game - Settings - Contact-Official Cafe: Kakao Talk:

  • Idle mode available
  • Item trading system
  • Type and amulet system for setting proficiencys and abilities
  • Item farming
  • Equipment synthesis
  • Warrior decoration
  • Contact option through match settings
  • Official cafe link:
  • Unlocked Kakao Talk link:

What's New in the Latest Version 3.1.3

Last updated on Mar 16, 2023

*무사강화 체력 초기화버그 수정
*활자, 부적 합성시 유실되는 현상 수정
*타격시 보스 즉사 확률 조정

환생시 기술치, 능력치 초기화 혜택 추가
>금화100% 환급

스테이지 몬스터 스폰 제한 수
-100 -> 150

-적처치 기술재사용시간이 초월회복, 각성에는 적용 안되는 현상
-수리검으로 처치시 적처치 능력이 적용 안되는 현상
-전투화면의 프리셋이 제대로 안되는 현상 수정
-몹이 간혹 안움직이는 현상 수정

무한모드 난이도 조정

봉인상자 리메이크

*세부내용은 공식카페 공지를 확인해주세요!
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
  • 무사키우기 -RPG-
Title:무사키우기 -RPG-
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