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Puzzles & Survival Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival

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Game Introduction

"Ruin Zombies with Your Intelligence" - a Guide to Playing Survival Buzzles

If you're facing any issues with Survival Buzzles, we're here to help. Contact us via email at or through the match itself for any questions or inquiries.

In the match, a deadly virus has swept across the world, turning most of the population into zombies. Your objective is to protect humanity from annihilation by solving puzzles and eliminating the undead. You'll need to use your brain to protect your body!

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Destroy zombies with your wisdomHelpAre you having any problem with the game?
If you have any question or inquiry, you can contact us through the game or via this email: policy: for use: dangerous virus suddenly invaded the world and turned most of the people into zombies, the smell of death wafts all around you, this annoying sound, is it the sound of hungry zombies!
Or the sound of the siren in the last refuge of.....

Features of Survival Buzzles:

  • Modern Matching Strategies: Use puzzle-solving proficiencys to get rid of zombies. Tactical maneuvers combined with clever puzzle solving make for a unique apocalypse experience.

  • Construct the Bigst Impregnable Fortress: Protect mankind from extinction by creating the last bastion of safety on the planet. Construct bases to expand lands and upgrade exclusive weapons to destroy zombies.

  • Recruit Heroes: After the virus spread, some individuals turned into super-powered heroes while others became zombies. As you rescue survivors, heroes will join you, powering up your gear and fighting alongside you.

  • Friend or Foe?: Fight with your allies to save humanity, but be wary of potential threats, both zombie and human.

To survive the zombie invasion, join our official Facebook page at Note that Survival Buzzles is a free-to-play tactics match, but there are in-match items available for purchase. Players must be over 12 years old, and the device must be connected to the Internet while playing.

Finally, remember that your mind is your strongest weapon in the battle against zombies. Use your intelligence to solve puzzles and build a fortress to protect humanity.

  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles & Survival
Title:Puzzles & Survival
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