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Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense

Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense

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Game Introduction

Observeing to test your proficiencys as a strategist in a aficionadotasy world? Observe no further than "Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense". In this match, you will fight waves of enemies to protect a powerful magic crystal left behind by a wizard.

One of the standout features of "Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense" is its flexible progression system. Each new match is unique, and you can customize your match build by upgrading over 20 different stats across three categories. This means you can focus on upgrading only the stats that you need, allotriumphg you to create the perfect tactics for each match.

In addition, you have the ability to choose target priorities during battles, just like in the best simulation matchs. This requires careful tactics, as hitting the nearest enemy isn't always the best option. Show off your smarts and control the course of the battle.

As you progress through the match, you'll encounter the roguelike system, which means that defeat is only the beginning. All of your money disappears after each defeat, but you keep your energy. Use it to simplify your life in the next matchs, unlock new characteristics, and take special improvements.

Please help me rewrite the following article and list its features!Upgrade your magic crystal to fight waves of enemies. How long will you last?
The wizard left behind a legacy - a magic crystal. Tons of enemies want to get it. Are you ready for a huge battle?
Flexible progression system. To make you feel like a real strategist, each new game in Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense is unique. Use your logic and strategy thinking to get the best from a flexible game-build customization system. After every elimination, you get money for which you can spend to increase one of the characteristics. Choose from over 20 stats in 3 different categories. If y.....

Speaking of special improvements, once you reach a certain level, you'll have access to unique upgrades that can completely change matchplay. You can get upgrades in the workshop, choose cards with bonuses, buy new magic like lasers, and even unlock the doomsday weapon after reaching the 60th wave.

"Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense" boasts pleasant, minimalistic 3D graphics, easy controls, and user-friendly interfaces. With all of these features, you can become a brilliant strategist in a aficionadotasy world. Performwnload and play now to put your proficiencys to the test and defend against waves of enemies.

What's New in the Latest Version 0.2.3

Last updated on Mar 15, 2023

Bug fixes
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
  • Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
Title:Epic Rush - Idle Tower Defense
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